17 Samurai Sword Facts: What Makes Traditional Japanese Swords So Special

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Seiyudo Ginza: Understanding the Katana, Japan’s Ancient Sword, at a Sword Specialty Store

He went to the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. And my understanding is that he and some of his other officer friends went to Japan on the way home, and he purchased these three swords in Japan and brought them back. This has been in our family ever since I can remember. These two he gave to his sister, and her daughter gave them back to me, because she had no children. She just thought they should all stay together.

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The Japanese sword called katana is a designated national treasure and cultural asset in Japan. The history of the Japanese sword, the katana, is old, some say older than 1, years, and makes up a part of the essence of Japan. Recently, younger people, in particular, seem to have taken a great interest in the katana, encouraged by dramas, anime , and games of the modern world.

One shop in Ginza has committed itself to the art of the katana: Seiyudo. Seiyudo in Ginza buys and sells real Japanese swords. Excitement lies in the air of the shop that is packed with about unique blades, and more than sword guards, hilts, and all sorts of different accessories revolving around the katana — all arranged in an orderly fashion. Looking over the many artworks, small and big, sharp and colorful, the students are unable to suppress their excitement on seeing real Japanese swords up close.

Shono, who obviously is an expert when it comes to the Japanese katana. The curved shape of the Japanese sword, one of its characteristics, was continuously evolved and refined throughout history. So some of the Japanese swords here are carefully preserved for more than a thousand years, retaining their form and meaning in these modern days as well.

Japanese swords are also kept as historically valuable works of art. Shono to the students.

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It is not possible to talk about Samurai without talking about their swords. During the ages they radically changed in form and, at the end, even in meaning. Japan early history is highly affected by the influence of the continent and its more ancient cultures. The culture of the Yayoi period was surely strongly subject to the influence of Korea and thru this peninsula the most important innovations arrived in Japan.

Rice cultivation and iron tools and related technology were introduced at the end of the Jomon era.

High-quality replica of traditional Japanese sword used by Date Masamune – Samurai who unified the Northern Japan in the Warring States period.

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Ironically most details of Japanese military swords of the era have been greatly misunderstood. Until the arrival of Admiral Perry and the U. In a few short years the country underwent a vast societal change that led to the Meiji Restoration of the Emperor to the throne in and the modernization of the Japanese nation.

the smith’s signature, the date of manufacture, or the provenance. These inscriptions are important for authentication and appraisal. Sword Shortening (​Suriage).

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Swords from various periods in Japanese history dating back to the Heian Period to as recent as the Heisei Period will be displayed to demonstrate the differing techniques used and improvements made over time. Photo: Business Wire. This exhibition is part of our series of cultural programs designed to introduce various aspects of Japanese culture to our guests visiting the Hotel from over different countries around the world.

On May 14, two masters of sword-drawing from Ryushin Shouchi School will give a live performance in the Main lobby from p. Seven swords from various periods in Japanese history dating back to the Heian Period to as recent as the Heisei Period will be displayed to demonstrate the differing techniques used and improvements made over time.

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Before the implementation of the Gregorian calendar the Japanese used the lunisolar calendar. In order to do so, they had to skip almost a whole month. The western calendar equivalent of this would have been to go to bed on December 2, , and the next day would have been January 1, This probably was not too difficult for the Japanese to deal with, as historically a leap month was added occasionally to ensure that the irregular months maintained alignment with the seasons.

This rather fluid disparity in Japanese and western dates should be taken into account when reading the archaic date inscriptions on the tangs of Japanese swords.

If you are a big fan of traditional Japanese swords or samurai armors ・The oldest katana swords date back to the Kamakura period (in the.

If you are a big fan of traditional Japanese swords or samurai armors and have been to Tokyo, you may have already visited the Tokyo National Museum Ueno or the Japanese Sword Museum Ryogoku, both in Tokyo. But what should you do if you have an urge to get one for yourself and bring it back to your home country? Is it possible at all? Well, the answer is yes! To the left on the picture. The swords you see in museums as well as those sold at Token Sugita were not actually used for battles, but are ornamental items that have been passed down from generation to generation within families.

They were specifically created for ornamental purpose and stored for hundreds of years. Some are nearly 1 meter 3 ft long while short swords are less than 20 cm 8 in long. Each having long history, the swords in the display case sit with unparalleled beauty and dignity, attracting and fascinating those who see them up close. One of the best ways to enjoy a sword is to appreciate the beautiful temper pattern on the blade called “hamon” under the light.

Japanese sword

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Sword Guard (Tsuba) Date: 18th century Culture: Japanese Medium: Iron, copper Dimensions: H. 2 7/8 in. ( cm); W. 2 3/4 in. (7 cm); thickness in. (cm); Wt. oz.

Swords have been made from as early as the Kofun period , though most people generally refer to the curved blades made after the Heian period when speaking of “Japanese swords”. There are many types of Japanese swords that differ by size, shape, field of application and method of manufacture. Some of the more commonly known types of Japanese swords are the katana , tsurugi , wakizashi , odachi , and tachi. The type classifications for Japanese swords indicate the combination of a blade and its mounts as this, then, determines the style of use of the blade.

An unsigned and shortened blade that was once made and intended for use as a tachi may be alternately mounted in tachi koshirae and katana koshirae. It is properly distinguished, then, by the style of mount it currently inhabits. In this way, a blade formally attributed as a wakizashi due to length may be informally discussed between individuals as a tanto because the blade was made during an age where tanto were popular and the wakizashi as a companion sword to katana did not yet exist.

In modern times the most commonly known type of Japanese sword is the Shinogi-Zukuri katana , which is a single-edged and usually curved longsword traditionally worn by samurai from the 15th century onwards. Naginata and yari despite being polearms are still considered to be swords.

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A friend of mine collects Japanese swords. He doesn’t have very many I don’t know much about Japanese swords, or swords of any type, and I’m not real keen on the whole concept of tools designed for killing, but I remember being impressed by a paragraph I read long ago in, I think, a Lonely Planet guide, describing the painstaking method of construction of pounding two pieces of different iron together, drawing out and doubling the result over on itself to make four layers, then pounding them together back into one.

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The Japanese sword, more commonly known as the Samurai sword, was a superb weapon. The fear and respect which the Japanese warrior and his sword inspired among Oriental foes is recorded in many contemporary accounts. But beyond its quality as a weapon, the Japanese sword is important as one of history’s finest expressions of the metal worker’s art. The art of sword making required high technical knowledge, great patience, persistence and a true religious devotion.

The greatest Japanese sword smiths led a religious form of life, abstaining from all excesses, and accompanying each step of the work with prayer and ritual. The actual forging of the blade was a complex process. Strips of two, or three different grades of steel, or of iron and steel, were welded together by the smith’s hammer. The resulting billet of metal was then folded upon itself and hammered out again to its original length and thickness.

This process was repeated many times, until the final blade consisted of many thin, tightly welded layers of the original metal. As a result of the forging and finishing process, the un-tempered portion of the blade Hada of the Japanese sword frequently shows a unique patterning of the metal similar to wood grain.

Date Masamune (Paul Chen) Katana | SH24960

Samurai Swords. One truth that will remain the same for generations is that samurai swords carry an undeniable attraction and appeal to everyone. These swords are sleek in design and have a rich history surrounding them, which makes for some incredible stories.

Kotobukiya Samurai Sword Chopsticks Set: Date Masamune: : Toys & Games.

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