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Were Druids peaceful priests or dangerous prophets? Did they worship nature or foment rebellion? Not much is known about the ancient social class of people known as Druids, but that has never kept people from speculating on their real nature. The earliest detailed accounts of the Druids date back to the first century B. The word comes from a Latin transcription of the Celtic word for a social class of people among the ancient Celts who concerned themselves with prophecy and ritual.

J Fletcher & others headstone Druid Ridge Cem (Headstone) Cemetary: Druid England CensusFor Annie Allen (Other) Date: 2nd April Location.

Also known as midsummer and, somewhat confusingly, the first day of summer , it has prompted fascination and celebration for many cultures since prehistory. Many of these early festivals and rituals attached to the solstice from around the world still exist to this day, including the famous gatherings at Stonehenge. In , the summer solstice falls on Saturday 20 June , a day earlier than its most common position in the calendar , although it can be any date between 20 and 22 of the month.

The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer by the astronomical calculation , with the season lasting until the autumnal equinox , which this year lands on Tuesday 22 September. Alternatively, the simpler meteorological definition splits the year into four seasons of three full months apiece based on the Gregorian calendar, which makes it easier to compare seasonal and monthly statistics. This means that every year summer begins on 1 June and lasts until 31 August, with autumn then getting underway on 1 September.

The iconic image of druids gathering at Stonehenge has become synonymous with the summer solstice, which has been associated with paganism for thousands of years. Due to the coronavirus lockdown measures still in force around the UK, Stonehenge has been closed since 18 March and will remain so until 4 July.

Hoewever, people from around the world will be able to enjoy the spectacle from their homes thanks to a live stream on the English Heritage Facebook page here. It will broadcast the sunset at 9. While the Stonehenge summer solstice celebrations will be familiar to many in the UK, there are various other commemorations which still take place around the globe when social distancing regulations are not in force.

Spain usually celebrates midsummer with a traditional party in honour of Saint John the Baptist, held on the evening of 23 June.


Thousands of people from all corners of the world visit Glastonbury every year. They are drawn to this mystical place for its rich history of spiritual pilgrimage, its magical healing energies and sacred sites, its adorable worship of sacred feminine and for it being the Heart Chakra of the planet Earth. The legendary village of Glastonbury has been recognized as a spiritual centre since the megalithic era, it is the site of the first Christian church in the British Isles and claimed to be the Isle of Avalon of the King Arthur tale.

As the Druids were the only prehistoric British priests mentioned in the on the finds, he proposed a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age date for Stonehenge.

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One of the UK’s most famous trees which dates back years and attracts thousands of druids each year has been destroyed in a suspected.

When the original King Arthur wanted to park at Stonehenge , he simply rode up, got off his horse, tethered it to a rock, and went about his business of worshipping ancient stones. Parking in latter-day Britain is, of course, a nightmare. Yet this week brings new hope for the year-old self-proclaimed reincarnation — legal name King Arthur Pendragon; former name John Rothwell — with the news that Salisbury county court may be sympathetic to the divine parking rights of kings. Pendragon has petitioned the court to revoke all fees, citing articles nine, 10, 11 and 14 of the European convention on human rights.

This is not the first time the former Royal Hampshire Regiment parachutist has gone into battle for the liberty of the Henge. In the 90s, when English Heritage first brought in visitor charges, he campaigned for free access to the site, resulting in multiple trespass arrests. More recently, he called for the immediate reburial of the cremated remains of about 40 bodies found at a nearby archaeological site.

And he has repeatedly stood for election in Salisbury, on a platform of green-ish libertarianism. Pendragon was a happily mortgaged family man before he began joining biker gangs in the s, rising to the top of the Gravediggers. In , after an encounter with a book of Arthurian legend , he realised the similarities between his own life story — squaddie, biker, property owner — and that of the former English head honcho — mythic king, sword-puller — were unmistakable and overwhelming.

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Lodge Number: Date of Warrant: 14 March Address of Druids’ Lodge Of Love & Liberality Email Address: @

The immersive evening will take the form of a druidic open mic night set in modern-day London. Bedwyr Williams, as Arch Druid for the evenng, will then lead a procession through the atmospheric Lightwells to the Deadhouse, so-called because of the historic gravestones set into the walls. The druidic participants will be encouraged to bring song, dance, music and comedy to a specially commissioned stage reminiscent of Stonehenge.

A range of hand-crafted pagan nibbles and specially designed cocktails will be available throughout the evening. About Somerset House A unique part of the London cultural scene, Somerset House is an historic building where surprising and original work comes to life. From its 18th century origins, Somerset House has been a centre for debate and discussion — an intellectual powerhouse for the nation. Somerset House is today a key cultural destination in London in which to experience a broad range of artistic activity, engage with artists, designers and makers and be a part of a major creative forum — an environment that is relaxed, welcoming to all and inspirational to visit while providing a stimulating workplace for the cultural and creative industries.

Since its opening in , Somerset House has built up a distinctive outdoor public programme including Skate, concerts, an open-air film season and a diverse range of temporary exhibitions throughout the site focusing on contemporary culture, with an extensive learning programme attached. It currently attracts approximately 3. About Museums at Night Museums at Night is the biannual after-hours festival of arts, culture and heritage, which sees hundreds of museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage sites over the UK open their doors for special evening events.

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Chief Druid King Arthur Pendragon gets court date over Stonehenge parking fees

There are a tremendous number of mistletoe traditions and legends — some of which but by no means all are described here:. The best-known tradition is the kissing one; — hanging mistletoe high in a room and kissing loved ones, or complete strangers, beneath it, is hugely popular Christmas custom. Sections down the page are:. There are many other ancient mistletoe traditions.

The earliest detailed accounts of the Druids date back to the first Christianity began to make inroads into France and the British Isles in the.

It is also the day when you watch the sun rise, while gathered around ancient stones adorned in oak leaves and branches. But then you probably already knew that, presuming you are a Druid. The summer solstice, or in its Celtic name, “Gorsedd”, has long been an important day in the Druid calendar, which marks the various events of the four seasons. It is even more significant this Sunday because for the first time in a decade, the English Heritage is allowing around Druids to go to Stonehenge to celebrate the marriage of the sun and the earth.

Who on earth? To many of us, the Druids sound as if they have walked straight out of a science fiction novel, or perhaps even suggest something sinister akin to a strange cult or weird religious sect. But to understand truly who they are, you have to be prepared for a history surrounded by even more fantasy, myth and mystery. The origins of the Druids were as important figures or “religious professionals” among the Celts, who came to Britain in BC.

In this pre-Christian era, Druids acted as judges, doctors, diviners, mages, mystics, and clerical scholars, in other words, they were the intelligentsia of the time. They knew poetry, philosophy, astronomy and science inside out and were considered the bravest and most wise and respected members of Celtic society. Another of their important functions, according to Celtic tales and mythologies, was they were able to exhibit a range of magical powers, such as divination and prophesy, healing, levitation, shapechanging and they could even control the weather.

Still practising, the Druids began over 3, years ago This enabled them to play a very useful role in the lives of their respective tribes, for example, advising on policies, announcing the beginning of agricultural seasons and in times of war, their skills were needed to learn about the enemy’s plans or to call on the elemental powers to aid the tribe. There can be no discussion of Druidism however, without noting their fundamental belief in the concept of reincarnation.

Druids believe that the soul is immortal and after a person dies, they are transported to the Otherworld, only to come back again in another human body.

UK: Pagans welcome winter solstice at Stonehenge